What is a Faucet? ¿Qué es una Faucet?


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What is a faucet?

A faucet is a place where you can get Satoshis, 1 Satoshi equals 0.00000001 Bitcoin and here you can get 100 Satoshis every 5 minutes which means that in one hour you can get 1200 Satoshis, in 10 hrs 12,00 Satoshis and only solving Captcha!

For the same reason you are allowed to follow the rules that are mainly the next if not the faucet will be broken:
1- Do not use VPN
2- Do not use Proxy
3- Do not use Bots

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¿Qué es una Faucet?

Una faucet es un sitio donde puede obtener Satoshis, 1 Satoshi es igual a 0.00000001 Bitcoin y aquí puedes obtener 100 Satoshis cada 5 minutos lo que quiere decir que en una hora puedes obtener 1200 Satoshis y en 10 horas 12,000 Satoshis ¡solo resolviendo el Captcha!

Por lo mismos te pedimos, si no quieres que la faucet quiebre, que sigas las reglas que principalmente son:
1- No usar VPN
2- No usar Proxy
3- No usar Bots


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  1. Good evening!
    I have crossed 15000 satoshi ( and more )mark , and want to know which day will this payment come to my account.


  2. Dear Team,

    I recently started collecting satoshis from this site, ( 3-4 days may be ) , i have gone through the comments and the page , i see you make payments to account , for all addresses with 15000 or more satoshis.
    Please let me know when is the next payment date ? I have crossed 15000 satoshi mark , and want to know which day will this payment come to my account.
    Is there a specific day of the week that you make the payments ? If so, which day is it?

    I am sorry, i looked for these answers , but didnot find them, if you can please help…share some link, notes which can give me the answers to these questions..


    1. Hi Sudipo! in a few hours I will be giving the satoshis to epay, Im traying do every Monday but have some problems, hope fix them soon

      1. thanks! but many times here or another page …claim button off….but after 2 hours or 3 hours working good…..i dont know what happend 🙁

      2. Hi Sajid! Really I don’t know what happen because I try to test the page every day to see if work well and have no problem, maybe your browser cache or something with your internet settings.

  3. 12bjvtpoQ3siUuvQZc1wVb91avhsyRqDTF
    This is My Address Please Help me
    I am Block By mistaken i think over captcha fill
    because not showing limit 🙁

      1. ye thanks for reply!
        i thought i am banned because claim button not works yesterday

        anyways thanks alot

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